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4/23/10 Continuing Education credits are now available for Volume 1: 2009.  This is sponsored by Professional Resource Press and approved by the American Psychological Association.  8 CE credits for $40.  Additional contributions to help support the journal are encouraged.  To order the CE packet, click here or call 800-443-3364.

2/10/10 We have completed Volume 1: 2009.  A continuing-education program is in development.  That will allow readers to receive continuing education credits for reading the journal articles and taking a quiz.  Watch for details.

Volume 2: 2010 is open, with an original article by Aldert Vrij and colleagues.

The special double issue of The Journal of Psychiatry & Law (a print journal) on interrogations and confessions is due out fairly soon.  The excerpts in OAJFP's 2009 volume are from that journal, and JP&L subscribers will be receive the full text of those articles soon.  Readers who want to purchase the special issue of JP&L can get ordering information here:  A CE program based on those articles will be accessible through OAJFP soon after the special issue in the print journal is out.

We have added a new section on Sex Offenders, edited by Anita Schlank.  She has provided a detailed introduction to the section.

12/7/09 We're adding two new sections.  Forensic Instruments will include articles, reviews, etc., regarding forensic assessment instruments.  Steve Rubenzer, Ph.D., ABPP (forensic) is the section editor.  An Introduction to this section is in preparation.

Forensic Toolbox focuses on useful tools other than forensic assessment instruments.  See A Memorandum for Resolving Role Conflicts there.

10/28/09 We are pleased to introduce a new section to the journal, A Civil Practice: Tort and Civil Rights Cases.  The section is managed by William E. Foote, Ph.D., ABPP (forensic), who joins our editorial board.  Prospective authors are encouraged to read the introduction to this new section of the journal and to contact Dr. Foote directly at

9/20/09 We are pleased to introduce sections of the journal that are devoted to various focus areas of forensic psychology.  Each section is managed by a section editor, who will solicit and manage manuscripts.  These sections of the journal are somewhat comparable to a “special issue” of a print journal, compiled by a guest editor.  Here, we take advantage of the opportunity to promptly publish manuscripts that survive peer review rather than wait until all of the articles in the theme are ready, and the publication timeline is open ended. 

Potential contributors (authors) are encouraged to contact the section editors directly.  Please also see the “Instructions for Contributors” for guidelines for preparing manuscripts. 

Welcome and thanks to the new section editors:

Risk Management:  Mary Alice Conroy

Forensic Training and Education:  Ira Packer

Child Forensic Psychology:  Lois Condie

Legal Issues:  John Matthew Fabian

Sex Offenders:  Anita Schlank

Others who may be interested in editing a section of the journal are encouraged to contact the journal’s editor or associate editor.

7/11/09  We now provide email alerts of updates to the journal.  Click here, then enter your email address into the “User Options” field and choose “Subscribe.”  This is an “announcement only” list so you will only receive an email when we make an announcement - usually that new articles are available or a request for submissions to a special issue.  The email alerts will be from  Check or adjust your spam filters accordingly.  (Use the same procedure to unsubscribe.)

7/11/09 Mary Alice Conroy will be guest editor of the Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology (OAJFP) on a forthcoming special issue devoted to violence risk management.  Although a plethora of literature has been devoted to  risk assessment, and more continues to appear on the issue of threat assessment, much less is available on the next step—managing the identified risk.  Manuscripts are welcomed on empirical research, program evaluation, theory and methodological concepts, case studies, and policy analysis.  Focus could be on general methodology, specific settings (e.g., community, school, places of employment, correctional environments), specific populations (e.g., adults, juveniles, gang members), or legal policy issues (e.g., probation/parole, conditional discharge from hospitalization, civil outpatient commitment).  Contact Dr. Conroy at

6/14/09 John Matthew Fabian, Psy.D., J.D., has agreed to serve as Reviews Editor for the journal.  We welcome reviews of books, psychological tests, etc.  See Instructions for Contributors to download a form for the review.  Reviews can be sent directly to Dr. Fabian at