Open access journal of forensic psychology

Forensic Psychology Unbound

Editor in Chief Thomas Gray

Associate Editor Neil Gowensmith

Managing Editor Donna Novell

Publisher Gregory DeClue



    John Matthew Fabian

Risk Management

    Mary Alice Conroy

Forensic Training and Education

    Ira K. Packer

Child Forensic Psychology

    Lois O. Condie

Legal Issues

    John Matthew Fabian

Sex Offenders

    Anita Schlank

Civil Practice

    William E. Foote

Forensic Instruments

    Steve Rubenzer

Case Studies

    Laura G. Kirsch

Editorial Board:

Adam Bloom

Douglas P. Boer

Stanley Brodsky

Lois O. Condie

Mary Alice Conroy

Mark D. Cunningham

Frank M. Dattilio

David DeMatteo

Kevin S. Douglas

Joel Dvoskin

Eric Elbogen

Charles Patrick Ewing

John Matthew Fabian

Andrew Ferguson

James R. Flens

Karen Franklin

Alan M. Goldstein

Thomas Grisso

Gisli Gudjonsson

Stephen D. Hart

Kirk Heilbrun

Terrance J. Kukor

Joseph Lockhart

Stephen Jay Lynn

Eric Mart

Paul G. Mattiuzzi

R. K. McKinzey

Christian A. Meissner

Daniel Murrie

Ira K. Packer

Gianni Pirelli

Joseph J. Plaud

Marnie Rice

Ronald Roesch

Luis B. Rosell

Steve Rubenzer

Susan Sachsenmaier

Thomas A. Schacht

Anita Schlank

Beth M. Schwartz

Lita L. Schwartz

Joe Scroppo

Jeffrey C. Singer

Steven N. Sparta

Philip M. Stahl

Margaret C. Stevenson

Carolyn Stimel

Jodi Viljoen

Aldert Vrij

Dave Walsh

Philip H. Witt

James M. Wood

Denis Zavodny


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Our mission is to link the science and practice of forensic psychology by making research and applications directly available to all forensic psychologists.

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